Monday, March 12, 2012

New Book Starts Today!

We are starting our new book today. It's awesome and it's called When You Reach Me. We'll be using it to explore how to compare and contrast books as well as how to make connections between books.

We're ramping up the pace of things this go-round. We'll be spending only 8 school days on the book, so there are 8 reading assignments of about 25 pages each. Every time they read, students should write a quick summary of the main events. There will also be a writing prompt every day. Sometimes two! It's time to step it up and get them ready for sixth grade.

Also going on right now is our Author Study. For their independent reading, students have chosen an author. They are to read 3 books by that author. We'll then be writing a compare and contrast essay about the books. It would be good if all books are read by the end of Spring Break (April 16).

Stay tuned for more updates and for our Wrinkle in Time Project, which should be ready to share soon.

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