Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Projects are Complete--Part One

We have wrapped up our first guided reading books (actually we finished them a couple of weeks ago). We've also finished up a project for each of the books. These projects focused on some deeper learning and required the students to really think about what they read and to write about it.

The Walk Two Moons group created a "Google Lit Trip" by creating an interactive map that tells the story of the main character's trip across the country with her grandparents. Understanding this part of the novel was absolutely necessary to make sense of the deep and complicated themes it contains. And without understanding it, they couldn't do this project! Take a look at some of these examples:

View Selena WTM in a larger map
View Cheynise WTM in a larger map
View Larger Map
View Chase WTM in a larger map
View Kaylen WTM in a larger map
View Renard WTM in a larger map
View Suhmer WTM in a larger map

I think these turned out really well. I really challenged the students to be detailed in their summaries of each place the family traveled. Students were also asked to include imaginary postcards that the main character would have sent. To view their notes, just click on any of the placemarks.

I encourage you to have your child explain their map and give a synopsis of Walk Two Moons to you. Have them share what they did and how they did it. I'm quite impressed. Stay tuned for the projects from the other two books.

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